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selfie, eye contact 

Premier ouvrage terminé ! Le début d'une trilogie à venir.

Du coup, ça sera qui le prochain ?

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Oui j'ai battu mon PB de 27s.

Oui c'est beaucoup.

Je vous explique ça bientôt. Là j'upload la vidéo sur ma chaine Youtube pour submit mon temps sur

À priori, ça ferait de moi le 8e mondial sur Prey (2017) Any%.

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Big Bethesda sale at GOG:

Some legendary games of Elder Scrolls series, Fallout games, Wolfenstein (sans the last 2, but they are not really good), Quake series, og Doom, Hexen, Heretic and two of the biggest fail copycat games

Dishonored and Prey (both failed to captured Thief and System Shock/Bioshock).

#retro #games #sale #DRMfree #GOG #Linux #Wolfenstein #Fallout #Quake #Doom #CommanderKeen

What is the best option between mailto links and forms?

Do you have any resource about it?

I did some research and it seems there is no consensus about it.

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Okay, here's a gentle introduction to #GAAD:

The UK Home Office presented their #accessibility posters in 2017 at FOSDEM:

That's how I learned about the initiative. (Thanks Karwai Pun!) Their blog is also a great learning resource:

Because #a11y is so much more about blind folks!

An amazing clip in The Legend of Zelda: BOTW.

Here is an explanation by GameSpot. The setup is insane and requires so much preparation. Many glitches are involved, so it is pretty interesting if you want to have an tiny overview of the state of the art about glitches in BOTW.

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Comprendre le TJM d’un freelance.

TJM : Tarif journalier moyen ou prix à la journée

J'ai eu, encore, une discussion houleuse avec quelques personnes au sujet des TJMs des freelances et certaines idées erronées à ce sujet. Alors je vais prendre le temps d’expliquer plusieurs points et d’éclaircir les choses.

Pour donner un petit aperçu de ce que j’ai entendu comme inepties au

#Design #Entreprise #Freelance #TJM

Après avoir publié des photos de mes t-shirts Pokémon, plusieurs personnes m'ont contacté pour me demander si je comptais les vendre ou pour m'en commander d'autres.

J'ai donc fait un questionnaire pour évaluer cette demande :

Merci d'y répondre et de partager SVP 😊

J'ai commencé la série Parlement sur France TV et c'est incroyablement drôle.

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I don't think I will sell them, but I am considering opening an online shop as I really enjoy doing this and some people ask me to make one for them.

I am curious: how much would you pay for a similar product, a t-shirt with handmade cross-stitched Pokémon on it?

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Solidarity with all who are marching for #trans and #intersex rights in Paris today! ✊🏻

#ExisTransInter2022 :heart_eyes_cat_trans: :heart_intersex:

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Someone carved the alphabet into a tree and let it deform for five years and made a font out of it:

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I wanna test something, if you can see this post please vote. reblog for more reach, please.

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Je découvre comment connaitre les limites de sa circonscription aux législatives grâce à !
et pour celles et ceux que cela intéresse, un mode d'emploi tout simple ici :
#legislatives2022 #Carte

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#musicians! The #fedivision Song Contest is open and accepts entries until :point_right_hmn_g1: May 17th 2022, 3 PM CEST. You still have 3 days to submit your original, previously unreleased song via the website

Please consult the website for the rules and the full schedule.

#music will be available for listening and voting via the website and the official @fedivision bot 2 days later!

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Is it a crime to knock on a door and run away?

by geo.facts_ on instagram

Mastodon admins: how much space do your instances take up?

I am alone on my own instance (not set to single user though) and here is my partition dedicated only to mastodon (code, database and data)

My instance exists since April 2021.

$ df -h /opt/mastodon/
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/xvdb1 50G 36G 11G 77% /opt/mastodon

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